What is LiFi and how does it work?


LiFi, whose full identify is Light Fidelity. It is a High-Speed ​​Optical Wireless Technology. In this LiFi expertise, Visible Light (LED bulb mild) is utilized in Digital Information Transmission.

As you recognize, this expertise is much like WiFi, nevertheless, there may be plenty of distinction between each WiFi and LiFi. Both are identical as a result of each share data wirelessly.

WiFi transmits information by Radio Waves, alternatively, makes use of LiFi Visible Light Communication. This expertise works with the sunshine that’s within the mild bulb ( LED ).

LiFi Visible Light Communication This is optical communication expertise. In which there’s using Visible Light Rays. The vary of those Rays is 400-800 Thz.

Due to the information switch by Light on this expertise, its pace is about 224 Gbps. Which is about 1000 occasions greater than wifi.

Meaning this expertise isn’t obtainable in all places else you may obtain films, movies by standing beneath an LED bulb, inside a number of seconds.

The benefit of that is that with the service of the Internet you’ll by no means get darkish in your room as a result of once you activate the LiFi bulb, the lights may also come out and the web may also be out.


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How does LiFi work

Just as all Internet units work, so does LiFi. Before realizing the way it works, it’s best to know that the parts are being utilized by cones. These are primarily 3 parts.

1. Lamp Driver
2. LED Lamp
3. Photo Detector

Along with these three parts, you want one other Connection, which we and also you name the Internet. I’ve already given you data, it transmits information by lights.

There are some Characteristics of LED bulbs. This is the appropriate part for LiFi due to Light Emitting Diode and Fluorescent Component in LED bulbs.

A high-speed information fee is required for LiFi and LED bulbs transmit to DATA Light pace. In these LED bulbs, the sunshine depth varies quickly. Light is typically On and generally Off.

Human Eyes can by no means see these LIght On and Off. But Photo Detector sees all of it. For all these causes, the LED bulb is the appropriate one. To perceive the working of LiFi, you needed to perceive LED.

modus operand

The Internet Source is linked to the Lamp Driver and the Lamp Driver transmits inside the Information Led Bulb coming from Internet cables. Then the Light comes within the LED bulb.

He simply acknowledges the change within the photodetector mild as quickly because it hits the photograph detector beneath.

Now, Photodetector Light Signals converts binary information. And sends it to be processed on a computer or Smartphone.

Later it’s transformed into Audio, Video, Images. After this, we will see the info within the software.

Such as Led Lamp by way of Lamp Driver and after that information from Photo Detector involves Mobile. In the identical approach, the info from the cellular can return to the Receiver by way of the LED lamp.

It additionally works on the Bidirectional System. Sender to Receiver and Receiver to Sender.

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LiFi vs WiFi 




Full kind

Light Fidelity

Wireless Fidelity


Light is the medium for information transmission in LiFi.

Radio Waves are the medium of information transmission in WiFi.


LED bulb

Wireless Router


There isn’t any Interference Problem

Interference Problem with Routers


Present IrDA compliant units

WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/advert standard-compliant units


Airline’s undersea explorations are utilized in operation theaters of hospitals for web looking on the workplace and residential.

Internet entry is achieved by way of a WiFi hotspot.


Interference is much less salty works in seawater additionally works within the stench space

Interference is saltier doesn’t work in seawater, it additionally reduces the work within the rain space


Transmission Secure stays because of mild not going to the opposite facet of the wall

It doesn’t have Data Transmission Secure because of Network Open

Data switch pace

1 Gbps

150 Mbps+

Frequency of operation

10 occasions the frequency of Radio Waves

It contains 2.4GHz 4.9GHz and 5GHz

Coverage distance

10 meters

32 meters (WLAN 802.11b / 11g) depending on Transmission Power and Antenna


Lamp driver LED Photo Detector LED bulb

Wireless Router

History of LiFi

Prof. Harald Haas was from the University of Edinburgh, UK. Who can also be stated to be the founding father of LiFi Technology? He had represented his Invention in Tech Talk. Harald Haas is the co-founder of Pure LiFi. With whose considering we will use LiFi Technology sooner or later.

According to Harald Haas, if any data is shipped by the Visible Light Portion. So it’s known as Visible mild communication (VLC). Harald Haas launched a D-Light Project.

From 2010 to 2012, he gave plenty of time to this undertaking when he was in Edinburgh’s Institute. After spending plenty of time on this undertaking.

In 2011, through the TED Global Talk, LiFi Technology was demonstrated to the general public. After this, folks began realizing this expertise.

At the identical time, without spending time, an organization was launched known as PureLiFI which is now.


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PureLiFi beforehand had the identify Pure VLC which was an authentic gear producer (OEM) firm. To enhance the enterprise of Purelifi, this firm began engaged on Mojuda LED Lighting.

In October 2011, the corporate shaped the LiFi Consortium by becoming a member of teams of industries. Both had an identical goal to arrange the High-Speed ​​Wireless System.

To eradicate the Limitation in Radio Waves. There had been many firms that began making Uni-Directional VLC merchandise however it was fairly totally different from Li-Fi.

In 2012, VLC Technology was demonstrated with LiFi. This was licensed in an August 2013 efficiency. In this, Data Transmission was taking place with Single Color LED 1.6 Gbit / sec.

In a press of September 2013, it was stated that there isn’t a want of Line of Sight in LiFi. In an October 2013 report, it was advised that Chinese producers are engaged in creating a LiFi package.

In April 2014, Russian firm Stins Coman developed a wi-fi community known as BeamCaster. Currently, the info pace in that is about 1.25 gigabytes per second.

In the longer term, the pace of LiFi goes to be 5 GB / sec. This was the historical past of small LiFi. You like Sayed Let us now speak about its benefits and

Advantages and Disadvantages of LiFi

Everyone has its benefits and downsides as effectively. You can discover out whether or not one thing in particular or not. Let’s begin.


  1. Efficiency: You should know that this expertise relies on Visible Light Technology. As you recognize, the workplace and residential have already got LED bulbs. LED bulbs are good sources of sunshine.

  2. For this cause, they can be utilized for information transmission. It could be very low-cost and a supply of fine power. It is obligatory to activate the LED bulb throughout information transmission. If you’re having to bother with the sunshine, then you may scale back the sunshine of the LED bulb and you may nonetheless use the Internet.

  3. Availability: Where Light Source is there may be the Internet. You can see Light Bulb in all places, comparable to in properties, places of work, outlets, malls, and planes. You have just one function to talk about. You can use LiFi the place there’s a mild association.

  4. Security: An benefit of this expertise is Security. As you recognize, Light can not go through the wall. Similarly, LiFi Signal can also be LiFi Secure as a result of the absence of Signal from one room to a different one. No consumer from the exterior can enter your Internet.


  1. You can not enter the Internet without Light Source. Every time it is advisable to activate Light.

  2. You can use it inside a room. Range Limited is

  3. Being mild, it can not distinguish the wall. For this cause, Internet Limited is out there on the location.

  4. Internet Speed ​​is prone to be hindered because of Sunlight.

  5. A separate community needs to be made for the brand new LiFi Connection.

  6. This is really costly expertise.

My remaining opinion on this text

I at all times wish to know that you simply get right and correct and full data. What you study immediatelywhat’s LiFi, and the way it works. By the best way, this web service has not come but. There is plenty of future-forward, you need to use the INTERNET on the street mild which is there on the highway.

You are anticipated to love this text, you need to have favored it, how did you’re feeling? If you wish to ask any questions now, then please write within the remark field beneath. If you wish to give any suggestion or recommendation, then give it which could be very helpful for us.


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