What is GPRS and how does it work?


Do you need to know what GPRS is? Perhaps you may have heard about GSM, if sure then inform me that GPRS is definitely an upgraded model of GSM. With the appearance of GPRS, it modified the world of cellular communication. Where earlier circuit-switched channels have been utilized in all cell phone programs.

Earlier cellphone programs together with GSM have been focussed solely on voice communications, however, then the necessity for cellular knowledge was additionally rising and GPRS was the primary know-how that was capable of fulfilling this want in a sensible means

By the best way2G GSM additionally supplied some knowledge functionality, but it surely was too sluggish for use in any actual functions. This is the explanation, GPRS was developed in order that it will assist to deal with knowledge and with it, it grew to become a stepping stone of 3G.

Therefore, I assumed that why do you have to all be supplied with the whole details about what GPRS is named to be able to perceive it higher and extra simply. Then let’s begin directly.


What is GPRS?

GPRS is truly a growth of the Global System for Mobile Communication.

This is mainly a packet-oriented cellular knowledge commonplace, that too in 2G and 3G mobile communication community‘s world system, that too for cellular communication.

GPRS was created by the European Telecommunications Standards InstituteETSI ).

GPRS override wired associations, as it’s streamlined entry to the framework like packet info‘s community similar to the online.

The Packet radio commonplace is utilized by GPRS to move shopper info packets in a structured route, between GSM versatile stations and exterior packet info networks.

These packets are straightforwardly directed to the packet modified programs from GPRS moveable stations.

Definition of GPRS

General Packet Radio Service is a sort of packet-switching know-how that allows knowledge transfers for cellular communications (GSM) via mobile community‘s world system, whereas it supplies end-to-end, Wide- Area wi-fi IP connectivity too.

GPRS transmission price may be improved from 56Kbps to 114Kbps too. At the identical time, there isn’t a want for current wi-fi functions on the idea of a middleman converter, attributable to which connection and transmission develop into extra handy and simpler.

In this fashion, customers can simply log on to the Internet, whereas on the identical time they will take part in interactive communication similar to video conferences, and customers can join in the identical video community (VRN) and not using a community. Dial-up solely.

GPRS Full Form

The full type of GPRS is ” General Packet Radio Service “, in Hindi it implies that it’s a service that works to transmit knowledge via radio waves.
It is named “Common Packet Radio Saw”.

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Who owns GPRS?

The GPRS specs have been written by the European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI), a European counterpart of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Therefore, we will take into account the proprietor of GPRS.

GPRS Criteria

GPRS was truly an ordinary ETSI but it surely was later transferred to the third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and it was revealed in 1998. As an ordinary, it’s suitable with 2G, 3G, and WCDMA networks by way of GPRS Core Network as effectively.

GPRS is a packet-switching communications protocol, whereas different circuit-based switching protocols have been beforehand used on 2G networks. This additionally implies that knowledge supply is best-effort; latency and deliverability might range barely now and again.

Quality of Service (QoS) isn’t simply manageable in GPRS as a result of it depends upon what number of different customers are sharing that service.

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Key options of GPRS

Let us now know which of the three key options are GPRS which describes wi-fi packet knowledge:

1. Always on-line characteristic – This erases the dial-up course, which makes functions just one click away.

2. This is an improvement with programson this, the operators wouldn’t have to switch their gear; Rather, GPRS has added options over their current infrastructure.

3. An integral part of future 3G programs – GPRS is a packet knowledge core community for 3G programs EDGE and WCDMA.

Target of GPRS

GPRS steps one in direction of end-to-end wi-fi infrastructure and it additionally has some targets about which we all know:

  • Open structure

  • Providing Consistent IP providers

  • Same infrastructure for various air interfaces.

  • Integrated telephony  Internet infrastructure

  • Leverage business funding in IP

  • Its service innovation is totally unbiased of the infrastructure

What providers are provided in GPRS?

Now let’s know concerning the providers supplied by GPRS.

1. SMS messaging  broadcasting

2. Push-to-talk over mobile

3. Instant messaging presence

4. Multimedia messaging service

5. Point-to-Point Point-to-Multipoint providers

What are Protocols supported by GPRS?

Now tell us what are the protocols that GPRS helps.

1. Internet Protocol (IP)

2. Point-To-Point Protocol (PPP)

What are the benefits of GPRS?

GPRS know-how presents numerous advantages and benefits to customers and community operators in comparison with the essential GSM system. It was extensively deployed by way of mobile telecommunications know-how to supply practical knowledge functionality. Now tell us what are the benefits of GPRS: –

Higher Data Rate

GPRS supplies greater knowledge charges in shorter entry occasions. GPRS supplies switch price as much as 115kbit / s (most is 171.2kbit / s, excluding FEC). This implies that GPRS and ISDN customers can simply surf the Internet via moveable computer systems.

In a
low connection value GSM community, excessive useful resource utilization happens. While GPRS launched packet-switching, transmission mode for the primary time, attributable to which circuit-switching GSM knowledge transmission model began for use in the appropriate means, it was extra essential for wi-fi useful resource shortage.

Now for the billing of GPRS customers, the info quantity of the communication is made on the principle foundation, in order that it’s simply identified that how a lot the consumer has to pay to make use of the service. Now regardless that the connection time of GPRS customers isn’t a couple of hours, however, they solely should pay a comparatively low connection value.

Short Access Times
GPRS primarily supplies a connection to cellular customers and distant knowledge networks (eg. Support TCP / IP, X.25, and different networks), to supply high-speed wi-fi IP and wi-fi X to cellular customers. .25 providers.

Easy Billing
GPRS packet transmission presents an extra user-friendly billing in comparison with the billing of circuit-switched providers. Talking about circuit-switched providers, then, billing relies on the period of the connection.

It isn’t appropriate for functions that have burst site visitors. In this, the consumer has to pay your entire airtime, even throughout idle durations when no packets are despatched (eg, when a consumer reads a web page ).

In distinction, in packet-switched providers, billing relies on the results of the transmitted knowledge. The benefit of the consumer in that is that regardless that they’re ” online ” for a very long time, they’re billed based mostly on the transmitted knowledge quantity.

Speed: There is
an enormous advantage of GPRS know-how that they provide the next knowledge price in comparison with GSM. Rates as much as 172 kbps are potential, whereas most knowledge charges may be achieved realistically underneath most circumstances through which the vary is within the vary 15 – 40 kbps.

Packet-switched operation:

Where GSM used circuit-switched methods, GPRS know-how makes use of packet switching according to the Internet. It is extra environment-friendly use of obtainable capability, and whereas it permits better commonality than too Internet methods.

Always on connectivity:

Another benefit of GPRS is that it presents “Always On” functionality. When circuit-switched methods are used, prices are based mostly on how lengthy a circuit is used over time ie how lengthy the decision has been operating.

In the packet-switched know-how, the fees are calculated above the quantity of information carried which is utilized by the provider’s supplier‘s capability. At the identical time, always-on connectivity is feasible.

More functions:

When mixed with Packet-switched know-how always-on connectivity with greater knowledge charges, then it creates extra potentialities for brand spanking new functions. With the appearance of GPRS, the expansion of cellular or PDA like Blackberry began rising.

To additional develop the capacities of GPRS, additional advances have been made in it and one other system which was developed EDGE or Enhanced GPRS, EGPRS.

Which Switching is utilized in GPRS?

In GPRS know-howPacket Switched Data is used, not circuit-switched knowledge. This approach makes use of the extra environment-friendly accessible capability. The cause for that is that almost all knowledge switch takes place in a “burstyvogue. There is a switch in brief peaks, whereas it’s adopted by breaks when there’s little or no or no exercise.

According to a standard method, a circuit was completely switched on for a specific consumer. These are known as a circuit-switched mode. According to the “bursty” nature of information switch, it implies that there are some durations when it isn’t carrying any kind of information. To enhance this example, the general capability is shared. amongst a number of customers.

To obtain this, the info is cut up into packets and tags which can be inserted into the packet in order that it may be supplied with the vacation spot handle. Packets He additionally transmits them to totally different Sources Link via.

It isn’t potential that the info burst may additionally happen at the identical time for various customers, however in such a vogue, channels, or mixed channels may be higher utilized by sharing the general useful resource.

This method is named packet switching, and it was within the core of many mobile knowledge programs, and in this case GPRS.


Now tell us what are the variations between packet switching and circuit switching.



IMSI connect

GPRS connect

Call setup

TBF institution

PDP context activation

Call state (bi-directional)

Block switch (uni-directional)

They use Exclusive of Channel

In this, the channel is shared between customers

Calls clear after completion

It’s at all times on


Now tell us what are the variations between GSM and GPRS.



GSM is a standard-bearer of 2G applied sciences.

GPRS is an improved model of primary GSM options. It permits cellular handsets from which they will get a lot greater knowledge pace than even commonplace GSM can supply.

GSM site visitors and signaling observe totally different multi-frame construction.

That is, 51 body MF is used for signaling and 26 body MF is used for site visitors.

In GPRS, each site visitor and signaling observe a typical multi-frame construction. ie 52 body MF is utilized in each signaling and site visitors.

GSM makes use of circuit switching site visitors

GPRS makes use of packet switching site visitors.

GSM UE is currently in two states, ie


There are three states in GPRS UE,


The GSM time slot is allotted in each uplink and downlink. This is the explanation that this radio useful resource allocation is named Symmetric in GSM.

Whereas GPRS radio useful resource allocation is uneven, for instance, it’s potential to allocate the time slot solely within the downlink and never within the uplink when a consumer is barely downloading the file.

The location space idea is utilized in GSM.

The routing space idea is utilized in GPRS.

Future of GPRS?

By now you have to have identified that GPRS is a vital step in cellular evolution, and whereas it opens up infinite potentialities for utility builders and customers. Technology after GPRS shall be both EDGE or UMTS (or each).

1. Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution (EDGE): It makes use of a brand new modulation scheme to supply as much as 3 times greater throughput (additionally for HSCSD and GPRS)

2. Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS): A brand new wi-fi know-how that makes use of new infrastructure deployment.

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